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Opening soon in 2024

Warm up before the Yaoshan opening!

Join several islanders! Get the latest information as soon as possible!

Accumulate your Islander Points early!

Let’s look forward to the benefits and surprises brought by the opening event!

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Opening soon in 2024

Matsu is an internationally renowned tourist landmark. Nangan is not just an island, but an international leisure resort island full of surprises! Come here to experience dazzling interactions, allowing you to experience the ecology and culture of Matsu immersively. It will help you understand this beautiful land through various technological methods. There are also recreational experience venues where you can participate in various interesting activities. , there is also a DIY area where you can experience the characteristics of Matsu with your own hands. If you are hungry, there is also a complex activity area where you can taste local delicacies!

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A sneak peek of the park facilities!

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Tern Service Station

Located in the heart of Matsu

Complete one-stop travel base

Thousands of square meters of flowers, hundreds of activities

Complete experience of outlying island hospitality

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Mirror Exploration Hall

Present Matsu’s unique species through smart interactive exhibition experiences

The rich and special outlying island ecology!

Family travel together! Educational and entertaining!

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截圖 2023-11-07 上午11.21.48.png
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1F-13 Experience Hall

Local markets and unique DIY experiences

Experience Matsu with rich activities

Unique humanities and arts

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截圖 2023-11-13 下午12.41.31.png
截圖 2023-11-13 下午12.41.59.png

2F-Highland Restaurant

Climb to the highest point of Nangan core building

World-class mountain and sea views

You can enjoy it on foot

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We invite you to experience the charm of Matsu again in 2024

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